Spring Issue 2020

Cover Photo: Nun in Orvieto by Jill McDonough
Photo: Sejal Shah

365 Pelham Road

Author Sejal Shah shares an essay from her latest collection, This is One Way to Dance.

My Library Memories

The author and CEO Emeritus of The Strong Museum of Play shares his recollections of his childhood library bookmobile.

South of Little Rock

An excerpt from the novel by George Rollie Adams, the former president and CEO of the Strong National Museum of Play in downtown Rochester

Juan Pablo Mobili

Contraband: a poem by Juan Pablo Mobili

Photo by John Arano

Prize: a poem by Robert L. Penick

Conor Sexton

Blue: flash fiction by Margaret Erhart

Great Salt Lake: A Poem by John Sibley Williams

Annie Spratt

a poem by Laura Foley

“Golden Hour” by Norris Niman

A Guide to Failed Relationships: flash fiction by Margaret Erhart

photo by Brad Helmink


A story by G.E. Schwartz

Photo by Matthieu Bühler

A poem by Bruce Morton

Sydney Rae

A poem by Gianna Sannipoli

“Vision in Green” by Cameron Francis Taylor

Green Kimono

A short story by Sheila Kinsella