Our Library Memories

by Charles Todd and Caroline Todd

Charles and Caroline Todd are the New York Times Best Selling authors of the Inspector Ian Rutledge mysteries and the Bess Crawford mysteries. Their works have received the Mary Higgins Clark, Agatha, Macavity and Barry awards along with nominations for the Anthony, Edgar, Agatha, and Susan Dunlop Memorial awards. Recently the mother and son team sat down to share their fond library memories with Mason Street!

Caroline: I was born in Greensboro, NC and grew up there, and in Winston-Salem. Our local librarians were a husband and wife team, and I am forever grateful for the way they helped me explore the world. They pointed me in the right direction in fiction and showed me the wonders of non-fiction. My enthusiasm for so many things, from travel to poetry to science, had its roots in what I discovered in a library.

Charles: I was born in Charlottesville, VA and grew up in Wilmington, DE. My local library issued cards to anyone who could print his or her name. I mastered that at three, because when my parents took me there, I was hooked forever and wanted to do what they did—check out an armload of books at every visit. I discovered biographies early on, and then mysteries, and mastered the Dewey Decimal system because it was the key to everything.

Caroline and Charles: We have not had our characters spend time in libraries yet. We have featured a bookstore in The Gate Keeper and books in general play a prominent role in our work.  We never know where our characters will wind up next!

We probably wouldn’t be the writers we are today if it hadn’t been for two things: being read to as children, and being introduced to the world of libraries when we were very young.

All the Best,
Charles Todd (Charles and Caroline)
Inspector Rutledge Mysteries
Bess Crawford Mysteries

We’re beyond thrilled to welcome Caroline and Charles Todd as our special guest columnists for My Library Memories. 
In each new issue of Mason Street, we hope to have a well-known author or public figure share their own special memories of going to the public library, and of the impact it’s had on their life.