Meet Chi TheRealist!

by Mason Street

Heart of the City

Born James Lucious Boykins III, in Chicago IL, the multifaceted rapper, singer, actor, and spoken word artist began writing in 2008 due to the inspiration of his motherless upbringing. Three years later after catching the ears of fellow classmates, and many moniker changes, the artist now known as Chi TheRealist (a name given to him as a nod to his birthplace) was born. 

Check out this wordsmith’s latest video, Andale!

Chi TheRealist is a uniquely versatile writer who uses pain-filled lyrics combined with stunningly acrobatic flows to deliver messages in his music, from Turnt & non-thought-provoking, to a lyrical and emotion-filled artist with deep,& painful storytelling.

His passion for vulnerability has often landed him in Rochester’s schools, whose inner-city students he aims to inspire and empower; to tell their stories, no matter how painful, and embrace their experiences. Being raised in Rochester NY and finding his gifts there Chi has received numerous hometown nominations including:

  • Hip-Hop Male Artist of the Year 2x
  • Best Male Poet 3x
  • Best Music Video 2x
  • Album of the Year (When We Party)

    We’re floored by Boykin’s talent, and so happy to welcome him to the pages of Mason Street.

    To learn more about Chi TheRealist, please visit him on Twitter, and Facebook.∎