Fall Issue 2020

thrills! Mystery! Suspense!

Cover Art: Agatha Christie by David Cowles

David Baldacci: My Library Memories

The best-selling author David Baldacci on the magical books of his childhood, Encyclopedia Brown, The Three Investigators, and the vital importance of libraries

The Paignton Poisoner: a poem by Mark Temple


by John Mueter Like many residents of Stockholm, the Nesser family spent much of the summer at their cabin on a small island. The Baltic archipelago, comprised of thousands of islands, is easily accessible from the city, only a short boat-ride away. The Nessers had one of the smaller islands all to themselves where they…

Sea Seekers

A new stream of consciousness story by Christine Law

A Ghost in Edinburgh

by Frances Park For a reluctant traveler, I felt at home in Edinburgh. And by the time the hired car pulled up to the G&V Hotel, I knew the lay of the land. Me, who feels lost when I step off an elevator. Right? Left? Maybe I’d been here before, in a dream, or was…

Agatha, My Dear: A Poem by Jonathan Everitt

THE SOURCE OF HER TEARS: A Poem by Liana Sakelliou

Train of Trains: A Poem by Stephen Ground

The Bored Game Cupboard: A Poem by Tricia Knoll