Thank you for your interest in Mason Street. We’re a new online journal that publishes fiction, nonfiction, poetry, spoken word poetry videos and submissions of artwork and photography. We’ll showcase both known and excellent emerging authors in our feature sections.

Blog Spot

As a community-oriented space we’ll also do our best to include lots of neat additional writing and art on our library Community Room blog page, including youth authors (ages 12-17.)

General Submission Guidelines

  • We publish three times per year: Fall, Winter and Spring.
  • Please send original, unpublished work. In rare cases we’ll accept a reprint of work which has appeared elsewhere, but please let us know that up front (where, when, etc. By submitting this work you agree that all legal responsibility is yours and that Newark Library/Mason Street Literary Magazine is in no way liable.)
  • There’s no fee.
  • Simultaneous submissions are okay, but please email us promptly if your work has been accepted elsewhere.
  • Response time can take up to four weeks. If you haven’t heard from us in that time, you can check on the status of your submission at
  • We will respond to you by email with acceptance, decline or request.
  • Deadline for Fall 2019 Issue: August 15th, Midnight.


How to send your submission:

We only accept electronic submissions sent by email to the editor at For local patrons without internet access, or with specific limitations or needs we’ll accept brief (one page or less) typed or handwritten submissions. Please don’t send submissions through this website’s contact page.

Subject line:

In the subject line of your email, write your last name, first name, number of items and genre “[Poetry / Spoken Word Video/ Fiction / Essay /Book Review/ Interview/ Artwork/ Photography ] Submission [Fall / Winter / Spring] [Year].” So for example, if your name is Jane Smith and you’re sending 3 poems for our Fall 2019 issue, you would use a subject line of Smith, Jane, 3 poems submission Fall 2019. If your name is Jane Smith and you’re between the ages of 12-18, submitting in the youth category, you’d use a subject line of Smith, Jane, 3 poems/youth/submission Fall 2019.



Please submit your writing in a Microsoft Word document or docx as an email attachment, standard formatting, 12 point font. No PDF’s, please. Spoken word video can be sent as a link in the body of the email along with an attached Word Doc or Docx with the words. It’s easiest if you can provide a link we can copy/embed. Basic file types for art submissions are best.

Featured image size requirements

  • For a single featured image, the minimum width is 900 pixels.
  • For two featured images, the minimum width for each is 450 pixels.

We reserve the right to resize for editing and space considerations.


Body of email:

In the body of the email, please briefly tell us about your submission: (example, “enclosed please find three poems.”)  In the second paragraph share a brief bio.


This is not a paying market. However we’ll share work with patrons within our 42-branch Pioneer Library System and beyond. Mason Street will also be accessible everywhere electronically and through social media. We’ll publish a brief bio for authors and include select links to books and websites.


How many items may I submit? For each issue, you may send up to two submissions (separate submissions, one per genre) of the following:

  • 3-5 poems (paginated and name on each page)
  • up to three pieces of flash fiction (each fewer than 900 words) (paginated and name on each page)
  • one piece of short fiction (fewer than 4,000 words)(paginated and name on each page)
  • one essay (fewer than 4000 words) (paginated and name on each page)
  • one book review (up to 1000 words) (paginated and name on each page)
  • one author interview (up to 3000 words) (paginated and name on each page)
  • up to 5 images. (last name in file name)

For example, for the Fall issue, you could send one submission containing a short story and one other submission containing up to 5 photographs.



We reserve the right to discuss/ask for small, reasonable edits with you for space and clarity.


Final thoughts:

Book reviews and author interviews have a much better chance at acceptance if they feature regionally/nationally known, established authors. The works by individual authors and artists featured in this journal reflect the opinions of those authors and artists exclusively, and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Pioneer Library System or Newark Public Library. Please, no gratuitous sex, gratuitous violence, excessive profanity, slasher horror submissions or hate language. As a library and safe space we support inclusion rather than exclusion and avoid inflammatory rhetoric. We use the New York Times Style Manual. Send us your best work. We look forward to seeing it!