Artwork: The Girl Detective by Ann Marie Sekeres

The Bored Game Cupboard

by Patricia Knoll

We choose the box first.  
No one votes for Monopoly; life
is too short and at our house Scotty Dog
always wins. I put aside Candyland
waiting for the little boy
to be able to count a bit better;
the spinner is broken.  

Clue. In this game someone did it
with a known weapon:
candlestick, rope, knife, wrench.
(The lead pipe isn’t lead anymore.)  

Death zones are discrete
furnished rooms. Even if you’ve never
been near a billiard room or conservatory,
the graphics are homey. Slide easy
from one secret passage to another.
No one likes Colonel Mustard.
Miss Scarlett goes first.
You may be guilty.  

Best: you get answers, who did what.  No one
named Jonah Corona
spreads the novel virus
from the kitchen to the crypt.