Cities in Motion

by Tom Ball

Garth was a dreamer who liked to dream of surreal, abstract Worlds. And he painted Worlds of the future with domes and artistic buildings and air cars and moving tracks for pedestrians. And architecturally interesting moving track bridges over waterways and between buildings. And there were some undersea domes of light which he also painted. And many of the buildings he painted were colored lights and paintings and some had poetry screens on their exterior. He was ahead of his time, but he said, “If I can imagine it, it will come true.”

     He also painted just one structure beneath some domes and painted some amazing interiors that were surreal. Some interiors were mirrors and had films on the walls with subliminal pictures of models and drinks in surreal art. And he built some stand-alone buildings which were airtight and surreal also.

     And Garth set his paintings to original music that he had composed. And through time lapse photography he showed buildings changing their shape and form. This was yet to happen for real.

      And the paintings all gave off various scents.  A mixture of good food smells, aromatic plants and herbs and perfume, mixed together.

       And if you touched one of his paintings, you would magically be transported as a hologram and really be inside the city, wherever you touched the painting. So, the paintings were alive!

     All of his cities had various themes, Like snake-headed architecture or cat-bodied structures or golden buildings or platinum buildings or structures in bronze or like Frank Lloyd Wright.

      It was really a combination of things that made Garth great. And many of his paintings were actually built in Space. Why not? And as it turned out, there was a fine line between his moving pictures and reality! Some lived as holograms inside his paintings.

     Some called him the greatest artist of all time. But he said, “I was just standing on the shoulders of giants.”

     People came to call his art, “Cities in motion.” And after he started designing future cities, all new cities in Space were made of movable pictures and parts, and never looked the same twice.∎

photo by Aideal Hwa