Welcome to our Winter Issue 2022

Welcome to our Winter issue, 2022: The Quilt/The House/The Town/The Land.

Many things are happening out in the world. In this issue, as Russia invades Ukraine and Covid enters a new phase, we’re focused on the theme of homeland, hometown, the house we grew up in; the streets where we lived, the kid we played with until our mothers called us in for supper.

Enjoy our cover for this issue, painted by Buffalo artist George Grace. Grace’s work can be found in fine galleries as well as in places such as Albright-Knox and the Burchfield Penny Art Center. Be sure to check out our guest columnist, Alison Meyers‘ heartwarming “My Library Memories” column.

Read the incredible poems of poet and teacher David Mills, from his latest collection, Boneyarn, which bring to life the body and soul of those slaves who perished and whose remains were excavated at the African burial Ground in Manhattan.

Enjoy the touching reflections of what it was like to grow up in places like Anthony J. Mohr‘s Beverly Hills, or in Ginger Park‘s “The Color White,” within the home of Korean immigrants.

From the patchwork fields of the Midwest to Main Street facades of Small town USA; from the noise and neon of big cities to the rural borderlands and coastal shorelines of the South, join us for this celebratory lens on the quilt, the house, the town, the land. We think you’ll agree — we presented a challenge with a rather abstract four-theme issue: and our impressive artists and writers have outdone themselves.∎

Celeste Schantz, Editor