Selecting a Burial Plot in Amicus, Our Home Town

By Frederick Wilbur

Selecting a Burial Plot in Amicus, Our Hometown

Too humid for October. My wife and I 
meet the cemetery representative. Maps unfold
on the tailgate of his Ford Ranger and we turn them
to orient the graphic to angels and obelisks.

On the last slot available in Section Seven,
Row F, a few tardy dandelions show off
like a bow on this present we give ourselves,
happily married nearly fifty years.

We wonder if we are too conscientious
having checked  no return of ashes 
and signed our body donation forms 
in old-fashioned loops of sincerity.

He says the cost includes perpetual care, 
two cremations allowed per plot,
no plastic flowers please, the full amount
payable by check or credit card.

Our stone will be polished gray granite 
with sand-blasted names, dates, 
though this is not the best way 
you could get to know us.

Having purchased this eternity, we feel 
unsatisfied the way anthologized poets, 
(the parenthesis under their names
filled in), have had their body of work laid to rest.