Meet Cover Photographer Adam Eaton!

Meet Adam Eaton, the photographer responsible for the outstanding cover of our Winter 2021 Issue! Adam was kind enough to let us feature his absolutely stunning portrait of Semaj Rock, Draped in Red, which is both artistically timeless and yet so relevant to the current zeitgeist in our country.

Adam is an emerging Artist, and Director of Rochester Artist Collaborative based in Rochester NY. Producing solo and collaborative works of art using a variety of mediums such as digital, music, and photography.  

While his subject is often the beauty of Rochester, the context of his work comes from the beauty of humanity and hope for the future. The themes of his work are timeless and ambitious in scope. Subjects like race, and internal conflict are played out in often imaginative imagery. 

Artist Statement:

I have personally suffered being extremely self conscience and body image disorders. Through my Art I want to show the world that Black People are beautiful. As a Black Man in America the world does not always make me feel loved. Many in my community feel this way and I am using my power as an Artist to speak to these subjects. Through photography I can capture how I see the world and allow others to see the beauty I experience every day. Rochester is filled with beauty inside and out.

Work Statement:

My Art explores the beauty of people in Rochester New York, and examines how art and culture shape our definitions and perceptions of beauty. My Art hopes to continue to challenge mainstream beauty standards that exclude people of color in the current system that we live. The medium of photography is used to inspire and instill a sense of hope throughout my community. My work demonstrates how photography is an essential cultural tool in the dissemination of visual paradigms, using light and shadow to capture to the beauty of all skin tones.

Rochester Artist Collaborative is raising $25,000 in funding to create art for the Rochester community. These funds will be used to benefit the community and create video productions, photography collections, music productions, creative working space, art supplies, artist interviews, virtual art events, and so much more!! Learn more about this exciting work Here.∎

Rochester Artist’s Collaborative project: