Before the Election

by Scott Williams

You heard them white mens sayin’
Leave, don’t vote or we shoot.
Ol’ car motor keep stallin’.
We gotta follow dat north star,
Kappy Kaepernick’s barkin’
will lead dem crackers to us.
Chain him to the backyard fence.
He better there than house pissin’ and shittin’.
We gonna be back soon as ‘lection stuff is over.
Kappy will watch the place while we gone.
He a dog. They can be outside all year.
Leave him two bowls of kibble
in his shed.
Fill that bin
by the tree with water.
I got some ripe apples and unripe pears.
Bag a coupla days of clothes.
We gonna just wait out this thing
with folk in the city.
Blown over, we come back
an’ everything be alright.

Photo by Justin Hamm