December 31, night closes in

By Marge Piercy

 It’s too cold to pause outside.
 I worry for the birds.  We’re
 the last feeder for them in half
 a mile.  One woman died; one
 neighbor sold to summer people
 for more money than I can
 imagine; the other is getting
 ready to sell. It’s spooky now
 in winter at the end of a winding
 road. When I moved here we all
 were year round, nobody was
 rich. Most people fed birds.
 At night the dark is thick.  Eyes
 burn green in our headlights.
 There’s just coywolves, friendly
 foxes, grey and red squirrels,
 our dependent birds and us,
 four indoor cats and the moon’s
 skull staring over the pines.
 In the distance the ocean roars.   

Marge Piercy’s new book, ON THE WAY OUT, TURN OFF THE LIGHT will be published by Knopf next September.

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