Welcome To The Inaugural Issue of Mason Street!

Welcome to the inaugural issue of Mason Street, Fall 2019!
Mason Street is a literary journal published through Newark Public Library in Newark, New York. We’re part of the Pioneer Library System, a network of 42 branches within New York State, and we’re also members of the New York Library Association. As an online publication we’re available to a broad audience.

Producing our first issue has been a real learning experience and lots of fun.
In our featured sections you’ll find gems like the hilarious short story “The Topless Widow of Herkimer Street” by Jacob M. Appel. You’ll find a hybrid creative nonfiction by acclaimed author Rafe Martin, and poetry including a lovely tribute to Linda Hogan by Marge Piercy. Throughout the issue you’ll find some pretty wonderful photographs, including those by Justin Hamm and other photographers, who hail as far away as Bologna, Italy.

We’ve also created The Community Room – a blog/newsletter where we published lots of other work we received, including pieces from those right here in our own branch from local patrons and youth. We hope you’ll enjoy the blog, which includes artwork from teen Paris Morris.

In future issues we hope to accomplish even more, offering a focus on our regional New York arts scene, music scene and more. We also hope to represent Haudenosaunee artwork and storytelling as we delve into the cultural fabric that makes up New York.

Finally, we’ll be introducing a new feature, “My Library Memories” where we’ll ask book authors and others to reminisce about their memories of going to the public library.  We hope you’ll enjoy spending some time with us, as we present Mason Street! Thanks to author Lois Lowry for agreeing to be our inaugural guest columnist!

Best regards,
Celeste Schantz, Editor
(with immense gratitude to our volunteer readers, Peg, Hannah and Emma!)