There Was Such Glory: A Harriet Tubman Triptych

By DeMisty D. Bellinger

II. Because of Kessiah

Overheard on a network as strong
as gale winds blow across city, prairie,
and forests, riding river waves from the South
to the North, news from a never-wanted home.
Trade for comfort and unfettered life
because of Kessiah, because of love,
because freedom as wide as this should
be shared with her and her family.
And back where glory reigns, rest
only as long it takes to catch a breath,
because freedom is sweet as summer’s
rain and cannot be hoarded, because
of indiscriminate love, go down
over and over again. “You’ll be
free or die,” to those too afraid
to continue, soon they go: upward, forward.
And when the men who make the rules
clash over morality and slavery, revolt
against those who call themselves rebels.
There is liberty, or there is death.

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