A Letter from the Editor

A Letter from the Editor

Dear Friends,

It’s been a strange spring; a time of social distancing. Mason Street has been quiet, like so many streets around the world.
There’s been lost work, missed school, silent senior graduations and cancelled proms; empty malls and theaters, and all but the most essential businesses have been on pause, as our heroes on the front lines work to keep us safe, fed, sheltered and healthy.

Our Spring 2020 issue is dedicated to those essential workers, and to you, our patrons and readers.

We at Mason Street Review would like to wish each of you the very best of continued health and happiness as we do our part by sheltering in place. Together we’re working to flatten the curve of COVID 19, so that some day soon we may open the library doors wide once again, to welcome you and your families back in, with open arms.

With gratitude,


The #inbetwinsus project is a collaboration of Deaf women photographers, shooting images of residents sheltering in place through house windows. The photographers are capturing historic COVID 19 pandemic moments. The photograph above, “Vivian with her Dog” was taken by Tammy Wells. Tammy graduated from RIT with a BFA in visual media from the School of Photography of Arts and Science in 2017. Other photographers involved with the project include Cat Cassidy from Washington and Clare Cassidy from California (both are twins), Loren Benedict Mowl from California and Ameila Hamilton from Texas. Learn more about them at clarecassidyphotography, jolaventures.com, ameliahamilton.com and seriesoflight.com